A fun shopping street!

The Jujo Ginza shopping street is a long arcade shopping street that is fun to walk down.
From delicious eateries that will entice gourmet-lovers to shops with cute clothing items and convenient daily goods and even relaxing massage parlors.
You might find everything you need for your life here!
This is an introduction of this highly charming Jujo Ginza shopping street.

Lots of delicious food!

The first thing that will shock you is the number of eateries.
Not only Japanese food but also Chinese food, Western food, side dishes and sweets. There is sure to be a delicious shop that will please anyone who visits!

A shopping street filled with fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruit that is also easy on the wallet

Whichever of meat, fish, or vegetables are plentiful and fresh as well as reasonably priced. Shopping at Jujo Ginza is sure to increase your daily schedule! Your stomach and wallet are sure to thank you!

It's okay even if it rains!

The Jujo Ginza is an all-weather arcade shopping street, which is rare even in the Tokyo area. Even if it rains you won't need an umbrella to visit the shops. So even during the rainy season you are sure to be able to have a fun time shopping!

A shopping street with kindness

All of the shopkeepers in Jujo Ginza shopping street are friendly. If you have a question, they are sure to help you if you ask them. This human kindness of neighborhoods is another great thing about the Jujo Ginza shopping street!

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About Jujo Ginza shopping street

Access to Jujo Ginza shopping street via train

JR Saikyo Line Jujo Station

The nearest station to Jujo Ginza is "Jujo Station" on the JR Saikyo line.
Exit the north exit turnstiles and walk about 30 seconds to reach the Jujo Ginza arcade entrance.

Access from major stations

If coming from Tokyo Station

At least24minRiding time
From JR Tokyo Station to JR Akabane Station on the Keihin Tohoku line.
Change to the Saikyo line and get off at JR Jujo Station north exit.

If coming from Shinjuku Station

At least10minRiding time
Take the Saikyo line from JR Shinjuku Station and get off at JR Jujo Station north exit.

If coming from Omiya Station

At least19minRiding time
If using the Ueno Tokyo line or Shonan Shinjuku line from JR Omiya station, change to the Saikyo line from JR Akabane station and get off at JR Jujo Station north exit.
At least21minRiding time
From JR Omiya Station get at JR Jujo Station north exit on the Saikyo line.