Category List

These are shopping categories relating to daily goods, groceries, etc.
  • Buddhist altar,Shinto items
  • Stationery,Books
  • Daily goods
  • Flower,Flower arangement
  • Tea,Seaweed
  • Sweets,Bread
  • Alcohol,Tabacco
  • Groceries
  • Meat,Fish,Greengrocer
  • Supermarket,Conveience store
Eateries such as restarants and bars are introduced separately by category.
  • Izakaya,Standing bars
  • Fast food,Cafes
  • Japanese cuisine,Traditional Japanese food,Sushi
  • Chinese,Asian cuisine
  • Udon,Soba,Ramen
  • Yakiniku,Steak
  • Bars,Hostess bars
  • Delivery,Boxed lunches
  • Western cuisine,Pasta
  • Takoyaki,Okonomiyaki
  • Other restaurants
This category relates to health and beauty.
  • Cosmetics,Medicine
  • Sports goods
  • Medical treatment,Massage
  • Beauty salons,Barbershops
This category introduces shopts related to entertainment.
  • Darts,Billiards
  • Pachinko
  • Karaoke
This category is for a variety of shopts relating to homes and living such as real estage agents, construction work, travel industry shops, and pet-related shops.
  • Home electronics
  • Cell phones
  • Construction related
  • Real estate
  • Tourism,Travel agents
  • Recycling,Pawnshops
  • Photos,Printing
  • Insurance agents
  • Pet goods,Live animals
This category relates to fashion including clothing, bags, and accessories. Shops for children's and Japanese style clothing, etc. are also introduced.
  • Watches,Glasses,Jewelry
  • Shoes,Footwear,Bags
  • Kimono,Japanese clothing,Accessories
  • Western clothing,Western apparel,Children's clothing
  • Men's clothing
This category relates to cram schools and other classrooms for learning.
  • Cram schools,Classrooms
Public Facilities
Public facilities are introduced here.
  • Other public facilities
  • Public institutions
  • Libraries
Financial institutions
Here financial institutions such as banks and credit unions are introduced.
  • Banks,Credit Unions
This category is for shops that could not be categorized.
  • Other
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